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The Sims history
in a chronological sequence
start at the bottom of the first page please
& the experience of Ra
note please this is not an objective,
but Ra's subjective view of the incidents
you'll find DLs here in their chronological appearance on SimOnes/simchaotics
marked with a
PIC are marked files, which are no more available for DL for you
you can just see, what one can make for this game
with a lot of blood, sweat & tears
if not otherwise stated are all files made by Ra

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Date incidents
12 january 2003 last DL update by Ra
* Pogo set
* Stewart Prince Scratching Post
* Brass Windows
* Rich Witch Dancefloor
* flatscreen PCs in silver, black & white
* a girl's face in 3 skin colors
04 november i guess i know now, what i could get for Xmas ...

the Sims business is making the next step
am i shocked? feel ratified? rejoiced about the manifold possibilities to make in the future a bunch of money with the rest of this Sims perpetuum mobile? am i weary of? or rather interested to study further the humanity's growth in the Sims web test tube?
i would say - all of a little, but now to the original issue ...

... the non official, but by any Sims designer well known add-ons for The Sims
soon in the shops now for money too
read here more about

04 november * EA's The Sims Online product placement deal with McDonald's & Intel

i bring this article online a little late, but i think it's surely still a very interesting issue
& i'll garnish it with a comment about TSO, which i've read in october in TSO forums - read this here please ...

the end of my interest for The Sims is here
i am just & only weary of
i revamp the site for simchaotics' further coma online life
Unleashed & deLuxe "rip off" are out in Germany too
a rest of known Sims sites is disappearing silent from the web
does someone care about?
i guess no ...
06 september
i got it today first, although it's already since over one week official
TSR ends its free DLs access :o(
read here the original news of the 29th august 2002

the terms of use in the free sections are in my eyes a complicated thing - i estimate, that i won't DL anything more from TSR on those conditions - good here for TSR, since i won't cause additional traffic

at least the Forums - meantime the true heart of TSR will stay free
i hope just i don't need to notify one bad day, that the TSR forums are going paid too ...

all in all this progression was pretty obvious for me since EA let us, the members of the Sims web down to go paid
& when i surf through the sites moving around from one free server to another, begging for donations, going paid one after another, giving up completely
& when i read fans trying to excuse Maxis, EA, the webmasters, designers, themselves, so i don't see nowhere a glimps of chance for a free Sims web anymore
surely it will take still months, maybe a little longer, but it's quite sure, that every good & hard working designer on a pretty frequented site with regularly updates has to go paid under the legally circumstances - all this is just a sad issue ...
but the most sad is maybe that in this huge bunch of Sims addicted people there is nobody, who'll come up with a new sincere idea, grabbing together a bundle of other Sim junkies & offering to the dying free Sims web a realistic perspective to survive
instead of everywhere just agony, excuses, accusations, virusses, abandonment, contentment & hollow hopes for a wonder maybe, for others, for the savior, for a self release - this situation remembers me to the situation of our other addiction, the Earth ...
04 september
Sultry Earthup again at least partial
04 september
so Sleepy Hollow too became a Sims Host site - wella ...
meantime 36 hosted sites
03 september
an interesting discussion on TSR about creator's rights on his/her work for the Sims
9/1 SimVibes claims rights to creator's files

i clicked me further & realized that the issue was the first since less then one month online on SimVibes hosted
Sultry Earth

the next progression is the closure of the brand new
studio Krioni
18 august
Open Letter To Maxis: The Sims Deluxe Rip-off
Written at 01:18 on 18 August 2002 The Netherlands (Europe)
by ChEeTaH, webmaster on

The Sims Zone

& i thought all of us are glad to pay double & tripple for any singular file,
especially when it's comming from Maxis
16 august
a small humoristic note about the Pay Pal plague
i've read already 2 times now on donations financed Sim sites,
that donations under the 1$ border are too small to be received properly
PayPal is taking a part of the donated money - of course, they are not a charity organization
& so amounts of 0,50$ are "too small"

make further people, i am really interested how the Sims business works
& do someone know how much money the biggest of the pay sites are receiving & are spending for the actually site's management?
14 august

all other unsolicited donated goodies will be deleted instantly
so Sultry Earth is back again - one week offline - artists are tender fellows

but they are surely not simply there - they are hosted now by a new host - a free host
but before you, fellow Sims webmasters & designers come running to them & start to ask, can i be hosted too?, can i be hosted too?, can i be hosted too? - try to pay your own traffic by yourself & try to keep it payable for you or try to ask those gently people on EA if they would possibly, eventually, potentially, finally support, what makes them famous, our Sims web - i don't recomend to ask Maxis - they are surely busy with the new expacks for the next year already ...

you can surely also write me, when you have some power & new ideas, for the fight how to keep good Sims files online for free - i won't start anything like this by myself, but would be glad to support you

now here back to the free new host run by cosycole - Sim Vibes
as ever, jump over to their forum, say hello & a big THANK YOU!!!
since free is this host for you, someone has to pay it in any case
go now ...

14 august
Dani Cast offers besides of their several paid & mailed files now also a files sharing variation of a site
rules are of course there, how & where to share, but you can get those files for free, if not from the site, so maybe by an eMail friend or per Dani Cast Yahoo group ...
all regards to Dani Cast for her generous offer

03 august
& here we are again in the Sims reality:

"Sultry Earth is Closed. All permission to redistribute items through Email or otherwise from this site are revoked. We're sick and tired of working so hard to bring you this site only to have it called "crap", so we're sure you won't mind it gone. Next time, please respect what people have to offer you for free, and remember that they are only human and have obligations outside the Sims. We are not "lazy" and we will not "get off our lazy butts and update" anymore."

well one of the prettiest & most cretive free sites out there is closed,
maybe just for now, maybe forever
01 august
SimSisters are back online again - thanks to Finger Mouse on Cheap Frills
& if you haven't got it util now Scooby Simz found seemingly a new home online

announced for autumn release:

add on - Sims Unleashed - 25$
compilation + Sims skins creator - Sims Deluxe - 40$
online version - Sims Online - 40$ + online costs
Sims for PS2 - whatever costs
next SC generation
- SimCity4 - 40$

& what will we get for Xmas?

udated 01 aug

25 june
The Sims Online is not coming out in U.K. or Europe!
read few thoughts on TSR about
24 june

"SimSkins by Daboo & Ana is temporaly closed  for renovations.
The Bandwidth is killing us and we need to make some modifications
on the site to be able to reduce bandwidth.
Donations are not enough because the site costs hundreds of dollars
every month to be on-line.
We will open again soon, maybe in a couple of days, but we will
reduce the stuff of our site.
We are sorry for any inconvenience but we hope that you'll
understand our reasons.
Daboo. Webmaster of SimSkins"

09 june
SimSisters announces to close the site
The Wage of Sim will close with the end of june too
09 june
some thoughts about the current mess & the possible aftereffects in the Sims web
june 2002
now it's opened - the Sims Host - offering at first to over 20 Sims sites free webspace & traffic
free to the sites, but not to the DLers, you have to pay:
$24 (US) a year + $0.035 per MB DL

it's of course not a lot, but that's just the shy beginning,
i'm sure someone will come up soon with a less shy idea
we entered with EA's decision a new no more free space,
now it's just a matter of time to attract the money makers
& they will come since The Sims is still popular & one of a kind

the idea of a fan based community is dying &
we stay besides & wait for the decisions of others
01 june
- / +
EA's announcing SimCity4
Ra's announcing an alternative game to The Sims
read more about here
o goes online
looks like there is something special with Sweden
will other countries follow?
22 april
Sim Fever is the next pay site

which site will follow?

(original comment edited - 20 jun 2002)
21 april
3DSister closed
opens later again to stay online in coma - 27 jun 2002
one drop more in the see of the lost Sims community
Greg the maker of Moon Sims is planning to offer to the Sims web in summer 2002
The Sims Host - a network of sites,
but don't expect a free one, possibly not that expensiv like other pay sites, but PayPal & co will be happy again
curious how the own idea is everytime a better one, even if the differences to others are gradual & not basical
18 april
my offered 150MBs of webspace & 9GBs of traffic for a half year for free is seemingly not interesting for the members of the Sims web
seems like the Pay Pal button is a better kick
16 april
Catherine is presenting her "interview" with Claw about his engagement for The Sims
a pretty advertisement
11 april
- & the are offering a trip to Jamaica for the fans,
of course possible just for the US american people

greetings to all the doubter about the truth of the national priorities for EA & Maxis
10 april
i decide to quit my engagement for The Sims
there is no sense for me after the past & under the present circumstances
my expectations about the future of The Sims are the same "exciting"
Sims Online will possibly be boring, expensive & at any way not available in Germany
Sims 2 won't offer, what i like to play, zooms & other cinematic buffoonery is not, what this game is needing to be good
10 april
i saw a prime time TV spot for Vacation
seemingly is enough money there to lure new people to buy this product, but was never a dime for a support of the dying free Sims web, no dime for a good webmaster on, no dime for the international official sites & no dime for a better quality of the game
09 april
Catherine is sick & seems to give up her prior position
there is nothing more, that could offer a glimpce of hope for a better Sims future
09 april
i installed on saturday the Vacation expack
today i played the game for a longer time & experienced a further buggy line
the patch for HotDate is seemingly not inside the Vacation expack,
my until now occuring biggest bug in downtown is worse than before
clear said, the game is with all the expacks no more playable at all

the Sims, which go on vacation can't leave the first chosen lot anymore
the black limousine of the party killer Drew Carey is blocking still the exit of the road, but the following car with my Sims don't disappear anymore into the changing screen (as under HotDate was), but stays forever in the queue

22 april note: thank Cassandra i got my Sims at least out of this "Vacation trap"

this bug occurs of course in downtown too, here i can at least leave the lot without to save & the Sim appears at home again, surely with the loss of the new made relationship points, what's rather senseless to play

another point is that the game is jerking on the downtown & vacation lots, the gaming fun turns into the gaming pain

after this experience i'm deciding definitive to freeze simchaotics for the future

26 april note: mintha gave me the advice to remove the duplicated files out of TheSims folders
they were needed to work with Tmog
Drew Carey didn't appeared after this & the buffet bug vanished
06 april
this matter is happened already in the end of march
Byline, the main creator & webmaster on SimGoddesses asked on Maxis official BBS about the still not available HotDate patch to the non US american users
as reply her account was banned
& she still didn't got a propper answer, but several cheeky mails from different Maxis' people
you probably must subscribe to SimGoddesses Yahoo Group to get the needed informations about that matter
05 april
i buy the german version of Vacation
no illusions about besides of the hope to get at least now a patch for the Hot Date bugs
22 march 2002
* EA says: it's ok for pay sites ...
read here the original News from this day on simchaotics
21 march 2002
the first of the last steps
read here the original News from this day on simchaotics

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