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22 august 2005

Time Control Clock by Merola64 . . .

Time Control Clock

If you think everything in the game takes too much or too little time, this is for you. It can change the speed of time to one of 25 available options from 0% to 300% (where 100% is normal). Almost everything will still take the normal amount of play time to do, but the in-game clock will change slower or faster.

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  Time Control Clock  
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13 january 2003

last DL update by Ra

& so here is the last update for The Sims with files made by me
you find them as usually in TheSimsHistory (sites
TheSimsHistory & TheSimsHistory2)
i decided to upload a bigger bunch of files
several of the old known & also several of the never before uploaded
here the list of the files:
the Draped Tables, heads of two boys Marek & Marcin & also a new face Kaylee in 3 skin tones,
the Alder Chess Table, also the popular Herzili Snukeli set in categorized HotDate version & a Basis game version, a Scratching Post for Unleashed cats (the cats & dogs skins are removed now), 2 Brass Windows,
a golden ornamented DanceFloor for less modern parties, 3 recolors of Maxis Flatscreen PC &
an experimental set for the finals - the Pogo set with intentional through walls & Sims poking zBuffers
it is not quite completed, but a good demonstration of my meantime destructional mood about this game
nevertheless maybe you like those files & i hope you find among something good for you too

& also Merola came up with 2 not hacked objects this time
The Sims Rug & a Golden Armor

... so i am ready now with this site, i will probably update the Sims Links List from time to time still
maybe will Merola make some files, so those will be uploaded
but do not expect any new Sims related DLs more from me here

if you will mail me use that one

important !

i am using on this site besides the Comic Sans font an additional one,
the I hate Comic Sans font,
to get the right chaotic feeling of this site download it here please
& put the included file into your Windows\Fonts folder
this font is created by

Dale Harris / previously Utopia Fonts

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